Jeudi 11 janvier 2018 - 20h00

Stradivarius Art & Sound

Created in June 2017, Stradivarius Art and Sound is based on a meeting between an entrepreneur from Geneva, Olivier Plan, an exceptional instrument and a violin virtuoso, Fabrizion von Arx dazzled by the sound of the latter.

2018 is for Stradivarius Art and Sound the year of the launch of an annual tour of extraordinary concerts in important European capitals or big cities in order to make people discover or rediscover the beauty and the emotion of classical music, a violinist virtuoso and an exceptional violin. A solidarity tour which will allow us to donate a part of the profits from the evenings to the BIG Foundation which is active in Swiss Romandy.

The first concert took place in Geneva on January 11th, 2018 at the Victoria Hall. 1500 people were all ears and astonished by Fabrizio von Arx's Stradivarius “Madrileno”, accompanied by the Geneva Chamber Orchestra and the first two dancers of the Béjart Ballet, conducted by Gábor Takács-Nagy.

New concerts to come… Stay tuned ! New dates will be revealed soon…

Ambitions of the project

Rejuvenating music Lovers

The facts show that people who listen to classical music are disappearing. To have the opportunity of putting Fabrizio von Arx together with this extraordinary instrument will enable us to get people to rediscover the universe (repertoire, the sounds of the violin, the virtuoso’s talent) of classical music through exceptional events which will stand out from the conventional and traditional frames.

Modernizing the classical music world

Connecting the violin to a universal cause, which will bring people closer together, making it a symbol of Peace in their eyes. Organize exceptional concerts. Unite the violin and Fabrizio Von Arx to popular events with the goal of having a worldwide reputation in the sportive and religious sector. Using a maximum of social media platforms in order to spread the word.

Informations pratiques

Jeudi 11 janvier 2018
Concert au Victoria Hall de Genève
À partir de 20h

Une partie des bénéfices
sera reversée à la Fondation BIG
active en Suisse romande.

Une partie des bénéfices
sera reversée à la Fondation BIG
active en Suisse romande.

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Espace Ville de Genève, Pont de la machine 1
Maison des arts du Grütli, Rue du Général-Dufour 16
Genève-Tourisme, Rue du Mont-Blanc 18
Cité Seniors, Rue Amat 28
Magasins FNAC de Rive, Balexert, Lausanne et Fribourg
Centre commercial de La Praille
Office du Tourisme de Genève
Kiosque culturel de l’ONU
Vous pourrez également prendre vos places directement sur place 1 heure avant le concert.

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